New vs. Used: The Smart Buyer’s Guide to Roller Hockey Gear



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Jumping into the exhilarating world of roller hockey means investing in the right gear. But, should you buy new or used equipment? This guide will help you navigate the marketplace to make the most informed decisions, so you’ll be ready to hit the rink without emptying your wallet!

1. Skates: Go New

Your skates are your foundation in roller hockey, which means comfort and performance are key. Used skates may be worn down or molded to someone else’s foot, which can lead to discomfort and poor performance. If your budget allows, investing in a new pair of skates is usually the best option.

2. Helmets: Safety First

Helmets are crucial for safety and they should always be purchased new. Even a minor impact can compromise the integrity of a helmet, and damage isn’t always visible. Plus, newer helmets are likely to meet the latest safety standards.

3. Sticks: Either Way

Sticks can be bought either new or used, depending on your skill level and budget. Beginners might opt for used sticks as they develop their skills and preferences. More advanced players might prefer new sticks for their durability and advanced features.

4. Protective Gear: Mixed Bag

Items like elbow pads, shin guards, and gloves can be purchased used if they’re in good condition. Be sure to check for wear and tear and cleanliness. However, for hygiene reasons, you might want to buy new if you can.

5. Jerseys and Socks: New or Used

Both can be purchased new or used. However, keep in mind that jerseys may have specific team logos or colors if bought used.

6. Goalie Gear: Consider Used

Due to the high cost, buying used goalie gear is often a practical choice. However, like with other gear, check for signs of excessive wear or damage. Helmets, like player helmets, should always be purchased new for safety.

When buying used gear, always inspect it closely for any signs of wear and tear. Ask about its history and how it was stored and cared for. Online reviews can also be a great source of information about the durability and longevity of specific gear.

Remember, investing in quality gear is investing in your safety and performance on the rink. Whether you choose new or used, make sure it’s right for you.

Gear up and get rolling, Puck Buds!

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