The Essential Gear List for Roller Hockey Parents



Hello there, Puck Buds!

Welcome to the fast-paced, thrilling, and sometimes slightly confusing world of roller hockey. If you’re a parent new to the sport, you might be wondering, “What on earth does my child need to play roller hockey?”

Fear not! We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide to all the equipment your future roller hockey star will need. Remember, while roller hockey is a ton of fun, safety always comes first.

1. Roller Hockey Skates

First and foremost, your child will need a good pair of roller hockey skates. These aren’t your standard roller skates; they’re specially designed for the sport to provide players with the agility and speed they need. Make sure they fit well and offer solid ankle support. When it comes to kids, it’s best to buy new skates as their feet grow quickly and the fit is crucial.

2. Helmet

A must-have safety gear item. Look for a helmet that meets safety standards and fits your child snugly. Some helmets come with full-face cages or shields, which are especially recommended for younger players for added protection.

3. Shoulder Pads

While roller hockey is less physical than ice hockey, shoulder pads are still necessary to protect from falls or accidental contact. These pads should cover the chest, back, and upper arms. Make sure they fit comfortably without restricting movement.

4. Elbow Pads

Elbow pads protect the elbow joints and lower part of the upper arms. Like with other pads, make sure these are snug but not too tight.

5. Gloves

Roller hockey gloves protect the hands and provide grip for handling the stick. Gloves should have ample padding but still allow for full finger movement.

6. Shin Guards/Knee Pads

These protect the knee joint and the front of the leg. They should cover the area from the bottom of the knee to the top of the foot.

7. Girdle

A hockey girdle provides protection to the lower spine, hips, and thighs. Some players prefer a roller hockey pant that combines the girdle and pant into one piece.

8. Stick

Choose a roller hockey stick that is the right size for your child. A good starting point is a stick that comes up to your child’s nose (with skates off), but personal preference can vary.

9. Mouth Guard

A mouthguard is crucial to protect those pearly whites during play. Not all leagues require them, so check with your couch. Especially if your kid is using anything less than a full face mask!

10. Athletic Cup/Jill Strap

A protective cup for boys (jill strap for girls) is an essential piece of safety equipment.

11. Puck

While your child doesn’t need a puck to play, having one for practice and developing skills at home is a good idea.

While this may seem like a lot to take in, remember that each piece of gear plays a crucial role in keeping your child safe while they’re having a blast on the rink. As you and your child embark on this exciting roller hockey journey, keep in mind that the right equipment is key to the best experience.

Now, gear up and let’s roll, Puck Buds!

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