The Roller Hockey Slang-ctionary: How to Talk the Talk and Roll the Roll



Hello, Puck Buds!

So, you’ve mastered the art of strapping on your skates, you can even stop without crashing into the boards (most of the time), and you’re starting to think you’re a pretty big deal in the roller hockey world. But then, you overhear a couple of veterans talking about ‘biscuits’, ‘barns’, and ‘twig’, and you’re left wondering if you’ve accidentally walked into a rustic baking class.

Fear not, my perplexed Puck Buddy! It’s time to decode the cryptic language of roller hockey with our Roller Hockey Slang-ctionary!

1. Biscuit:

No, we’re not talking about the delicious accompaniment to your morning coffee. In roller hockey lingo, a ‘biscuit’ is simply another term for the puck.

2. Barn:

The ‘barn’ isn’t where we keep our roller hockey-playing farm animals, but rather a term for the rink or arena.

3. Twig:

As much as we love nature, please don’t bring an actual twig to the game. Your ‘twig’ is your hockey stick.

4. Top Cheese or Top Cheddar:

Despite how it sounds, this isn’t a comment on your teammate’s locker room snack preferences. It’s a way to describe a shot that finds the top corner of the net. Exquisite!

5. Bender:

Not a reference to a robot from a certain animated show, a ‘bender’ is a player whose ankles tend to bend inwards due to poor skating form or weak ankles. A little practice and strength training should help our beloved benders!

6. Apple:

In roller hockey speak, an ‘apple’ is an assist. If you pass the ‘biscuit’ to a teammate who then scores, congratulations, you’ve just earned yourself a fresh apple!

7. Beauty/Beaut:

A term of endearment for a player who’s doing something awesome, whether it’s a great play on the rink or just a teammate who brought the post-game drinks.

8. Duster:

Not to be confused with your household cleaning tool, a ‘duster’ in roller hockey is a player who doesn’t get much game time, and therefore, accumulates dust. We love all our Puck Buddies, dusters included!

9. Gino:

No, it’s not someone’s name. A ‘gino’ is a goal. So, if you hear “Nice gino, buddy!” It’s not a compliment about your Italian friend.

10. Light the Lamp:

Sorry to disappoint, but this isn’t a spiritual ritual or some kind of hockey seance. It’s just a fancy term for scoring a goal!

With these terms under your belt, you’re well on your way to sounding like a seasoned roller hockey pro. Remember, though, while the lingo can be fun, it’s the love of the game that really counts!

Stay slang-tastic, Puck Buds!

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